Masters Of Horror - "Jenifer"

jeniferrating-2.5There are aspects to "Jenifer" to be applauded. For one, it's one of the less horrible things that schlock-meister Dario Argento has churned out in his career. I'm sure many would be angry to hear me tear down their idol, best known for his gaudy LSD-trip nightmares of color and cheap violence to women. Unfortunately, I like story, which is an area completely foreign to all Italians, instead prefering a system by which random things happen to people until everyone gets bored, turns off the cameras, and goes home.

Additionally, this episode stars and is written by Steven Weber, an actor that I've always enjoyed, from his days on "Wings" to his current work on "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip". He is an undervalued and enjoyable actor with excellent comedic sense. Perhaps horror is not his best mileau, but I applaud his interest in more dorky areas.

While many dislike this episode and I admit the plot is somewhat nonsensical and obvious in its movements, it is an interesting idea: an almost cursed man saves a disfigured and mutated monster of a woman, first taking pity on her and then lusting after her as she viciously lashes out at everyone else. Weber does excellent work as a man torn and mentally deteriorating under the stress of balancing his desire and his need to stop this beastly but childish woman.

Really, there is little else to say about the episode, other than recapping its every moment, as it was fairly straightforward and its length is already padded out with Argento's artistic touches. By the time it reaches its obvious conclusion, you probably won't be satisfied, but I think anyone would be hard pressed to claim it as one of the worst episode of the season.

So, mediocre stuff, but kudos to Weber, who I can forgive for this less-than-stellar offering.

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