Thor & Warhammer

Heya folks, it's been a little while. Busy is as busy does, or something to that effect. Anyhow, I'm hoping to get a few of these out really fast as I've been reading a poop-tonne of comics, but I have otehr stuff I'm working on as well-- like the new edition of All The Rage!

(That damn column eats up more time, I swear)

Without further intro-yammering, here are some quick takes on comics that have had the pleasure of my eyes gracing them.

Calling Zee Darkness

Whew! What a week! I was into doing the getting away from it all thing for the last few days... Anyhow, I got this one about halfway done and realised that some time had pased... Ugh. Time. Damn time.

Not wanting to be be too late writing the reviews I had already been working on, I have decided to get these up, then I'll work on All The Rage bits some, then it's back to getting another grouping of review thingies done. As you can see, I don't get very detailed on a couple of them. Like I've said before, sometimes I'll just blabble a quick string of not-always-coherent words and you'll have to live with it.

What sucks is I had to cut a few reviews because of the aformentioned time thing. I'll try to fit them in soon, though.

Punishment Due

Hola! It's time for another action-packed edition of Comics With Steve. I'm Steve (if you hadn't already surmised) and I'll be the one yammering about some comics today.

These are just mini-reviews and usually reflect my initial thoughts on a comic. Of course, your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

In the trash.

Just kidding! Put the garden hose down. Please??


There's less comics than I read of course... I'm already working on the next CWS (which will include titles I don't normally read; you know, to giving the raving a break). It should be up really, really soon. But for now, I give you the following...

Irredeemable As Ever

Hello and welcome. Or welcome back. Whatever applies to you, really.

Editorial mayhem over at caused some odd delays in All The Rage, my regular column over there. So, as a result, there are fewer comics in this update than I would like. But since this is my "week off", so to speak, then I should have at the very least another edition of CWS up in only a few days' time.

Oh, and don't worry! Everything is cool at ATR and SBCB. No one is being "sent East," if that's what you're wondering.

On with the show...

Now With More Blood Of Christ

Greetings bold readers! I offer you some of my thoughts on the items of sequential art tales I'm reading as of late. So sit back and enjoy some reviews, please.

This time around we have dragons, Cloned Jesus, crazy cape-wearing jerks, brutal thugs, Death and the wild West, and the new New Warriors...

Here we go!