fair_hairedrating-3.0Possibly seeming better than it is because of low expectations or coming so close on the heels of excellent episodes, "Fair Haired Child" is probably the last episode of "Masters Of Horror" to show any real promise.

William Malone, director of the terrible but interesting-looking FeardotCom, gives an interesting visual approach to a fairly cut and dried ghost story, a tale of a girl being sacrificed to save an already-dead son.

There are a variety of nay-sayers who disparage this particular episode, but there is also a variety of people who like the shittiest episodes of the season for no discernibly good reason, so you can take all that with a grain of salt.

Above all other things, this episode at least manages to keep you interested in and entertained by what goes on, without just putting you into a generic horror coma.

The great failing of the anthology format is displayed in its lesser and, particularly, its more mediocre episodes. This is obviously not one of them, as it does not stand to totally shame the franchise with its existence and only petty whiners would complain too loudly about the episode.

It stands slightly above the pack, in large part due to the lack of meat to its brethren, though you can’t blame it for the other episodes’ failings. The plot is of little note, the acting is nothing of exceptional mention, and the only thing that stands out is some interesting stylistic and effects-oriented touches.

It can’t be said that this is one of the worse episodes of the show, but I guarantee it won’t be memorable.

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