independentrating-0.5One of the most deeply unfunny "comedies" I've ever seen, this "parody" attempts to mock independent cinema, or at least all of its biggest hits, as if it is somehow above those films.

Movies like Pulp Fiction, Mulholland Dr., Desperado, Amelie, Swingers, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Pi, Secretary, and many others are openly derided, but without any whit of humor and with no comedy whatsoever. The film's desperate sense of humor involves overdoing the original films to the point of annoyance. But nothing within the film comes within thousands of miles of the actual movies being mocked.

I cannot say enough bad things about this fucking atrocity. Stupid people, such as anyone that posts on IMDb messageboards, may like this fucking retarded assemblage of high-handed horseshit. It's as unfunny as Scary Movie, edited for PAX. And that movie was already pretty damned unfunny to begin with. The film shows nothing but open contempt for its source material, while not understanding or appreciating any reasons that the films were well-regarded in the first place, though much of the independent cinema being parodied is a decade old and already well past the point of parody.

The fact that this is co-written by an editor of Film Threat shows just how unbearably worthless that magazine is, as anyone who can preach from the pulpit of the critic and then make a fucking waste of time like this deserves no credit and to be gangraped by a pack of howler monkeys and a black bear.

Dear Cunts: You can't write. Kill yourself.

Everything is a comedy worst-case scenario. Absolutely nothing elicits a laugh of any kind and if I ever heard that anyone laughed at this piece of shit, I'd punch them in the face.

If you thought this movie was in some way funny or went so far as to compare it to an actual comedy like Airplane! (I'm talking you to, IMDb fuckbag), I want you to go outside right now and suck on your own exhaust pipe until you can't wake up anymore.

Even Uwe Boll is above the ineptitude required to write such a blisteringly retarded film.

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