cry_wolfrating-1.5(Or for yourself.)

I've just completed an almost unintended viewing of Cry_Wolf and, I have to say, it's not very good.

Sure, it's not The Skulls, Valentine, or Urban Legends: Final Cut. Those were all movies trying to tap into the "mysterious slasher of teens" horror subgenre with pure ineptitude and callous disregard for enjoyability. Though it is in their same mindfuck mystery in the cracks of the plot, it doesn't come off as much more than a limp version of those aforementioned films with a bit more plot to chew on.

Fortunately it does attempt to bring an aire of paranoia and suspicion to what would otherwise be another very dry teen slasher film and its "twist" ending (or multiple twists), though somewhat obvious and unsatisfactory, doesn't leave the bad taste in your mouth that the average slasher film does, with it's tired "the killer was taken care of, but - surprise! - he's still alive/free/something!" It's rote in the mind of the viewers and virtually constructed, beat for beat, by a not-terriblyelaborate formula.

I suppose one could do worse for some time-killing, free entertainment. Though I would never recommend buying this. Or necessarily even paying a few dollars to rent it or watch it on PPV. I guess maybe if you're one of those Netflix whores, then you could maybe justify it. But maybe not. Though at least the female lead is really cute.

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