wrong_guyrating-4.0A severly underrated and virtually unknown film, The Wrong Guy is written by and stars Dave Foley of The Kids In The Hall. He transfers the sensibility of his sketch comedy, a straightforward and earnest seriousness that is totally surreal and idiotic in its own way.

Foley plays Nelson Hibbard, an intensely stupid vice president of a large Cleveland corporation who finds his boss' dead body and realizes that everyone believes he's the killer, making a "Fugitive"-like run until he can prove his innocence. The thing is, the murder was caught on security camera, so no one is actually looking for Nelson.

As he makes his run for Mexico and freedom, Nelson keeps crossing paths with the actual killer, a hired assassin played by Colm Feore, who is, in turn, being chased by a police detective, played beautifully by co-writer David Anthony Higgins, who has no interest in actually catching anyone.

Nelson runs and meets a girl in the country (Jennifer Tilly) and goes to work for her father (Joe Flaherty) before he's caught by the killer, who takes him and his lady as hostages.

It's a silly and simple movie, but it's incredibly funny with a variety of odd little jokes and excellent performances and cameos by as many people as possible.

The fact that it never got more notice is a damned shame, because this fun little film is probably the best piece of film work to ever come out of "Kids In The Hall". Though it won't necessarily have people rolling in the proverbial aisles, it's definitely very funny and has some truly great, classic lines. Only a soulless asshole doesn't find comedy in this.

If ever given the opportunity to catch this, be sure you do. It's well worth it.

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