date_movierating-1.5To make a long story short: there is about five to ten minutes of actual comedy in this movie, surrounded by an hour and twenty minutes of something pretending to be comedy, though it's actually just weak parody pieces that are obviously wedged in as an afterthought.

Poor Alyson Hannigan. So beautiful, so bright. And yet she's in this waste of time from some of the weaker writers of Scary Movie, which wasn't funny. then followed up by a barely funny sequel (and an actually funny sequel that only managed to be amusing after it was taken over by a Zucker instead of a Wayans). Surely there has to be something she can do that won't be a fucking shitty American Pie movie or something like this. Sure, it's adorable to watch her krump or dance around. She's a very cute, sweet girl. But she's so much better than this, "Buffy" aside.

I'm just amazed that this got made... Well, no. That doesn't surprise me. They managed to pin the Scary Movie name onto it and that was it. I'm surprised they got to go on and make Epic Movie, which I imagine is also as recklessly stupid and pointless.

The parodies are unfunny. The pop culture jokes are more suited to a movie ten years ago. You know, I thought audiences and writers got smarter over those years. Guess not. But what do you expect from the assholes whose only other credits are Scary Movie and Spy Hard, Leslie Neilsen's lowest point and least funny parody comedy?

At least the cast, which was decent and did a fine job really delivering strong comedic performances, got checks out of it. That's a small consolation.

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