action_jacksonrating-3.0One must give a certain amount of credit to Carl Weathers. He seems to be a fun, intelligent, and thoughtful man. And, as shown on "Arrested Development", he obviously has a good sense of humor, as well. Using all these talents, Carl drags us through the somewhat dim-witted plot of Action Jackson in a way that puts all the Stallone's and Schwarzenegger's of the world to shame. Arnold couldn't shine the man's short-sleeved t-shirt.

Obviously, as a martial-arts-wielding millionaire, Craig T. Nelson seems less than stellar casting. Not that the Coach's role seems that logical. But none could be worse than Vanity. I suppose she plays the part of a worthless junky whore well, but we never get any real inkling as to why Carl's bothering with her in the first place. Sharon Stone does us all a great favor by getting killed in the movie, a fact that should delight anyone that's ever had to see Sharon Stone act.

But, those facts aside, it's a damned shame that Weathers never got more play back in his day, because he's a more charismatic action hero than any of his other brethren. He is a thinking man's action hero: thoughtful and wise, though entirely capable of throwing down when the need strikes him.

And the need often strikes in this picture, full of brilliantly strange lines and weird flourishes that makes the film a very enjoyable, if not entirely brilliant, venture. Weathers is a steady ship in any storm, though, and he pulls you through the whole thing without a question of whether it will be horrible or hilarious.

But no Weathers vehicle is a bad Weathers vehicle, so absorb the film and enjoy all the Jackson-packed action.

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