lost_skeletonrating-5.0The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra is the pinnacle of modern comedy entertainment: retro 50's schlock movie-making, parodied with dead-on accuracy and acted out with brilliantly bad abandon by a group of good actors who know how to act badly.

The perfect indie production, providing bad effects and low budgets with humor based around that lack of good effects and budget, this movie mimics all the cliche sci-fi notions of the time: scientists trying to find a space "element", Atmospherium, to help increase science or to bring back to life an evil skeleton (depending on the scientist in question), aliens needing the rock to power their spaceship, loose mutant monsters, forest animals turned into a woman, a housewife, and a hapless park ranger, all running loose in a state park. Really, the plot doesn't matter at all... You won't understand it anyway and it's just a framework for the comedy itself, just as pointless as the plots of the 50's movies it mocks mercilessly.

Every odd and uncomfortable moment, every drip of beautifully redundant dialogue, and every just-too-long lingering shot serves to increase the comedy into a torrent of neverending laughter, no matter how many times you watch it.

People who have no experience with the wretched black & white sci-fi and horror films of the 1950's may not get the jokes and references to the extreme badness of that period's low-budget masterpieces, but there should still be no end of comedy for anyone willing to enjoy a good belly-laugh at some intentionally awful filmmaking.

Nothing could be better than Larry Blamire's freshman masterpiece, at least not until his next film, the more colorful Trail Of The Screaming Forehead.

And who could ask for anything more than that?

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