hills_2rating-1.0It's amazing how easily a simple, though not great, premise and a tolerable movie can turned into the worst kind of serialized bullshit, filled with all the stupid cliches and bad characters of any Friday The 13th or Nightmare On Elm Street movie.

How a movie about an isolated family being harassed by hill-dwelling cannibals got turned into an idiotic teen movie about a bunch of stupid teenage motocross assholes picking fights with the cannibals as a sort of joke, I will never understand.

And who thought it would be a good idea to make the surviving cannibal girl into a spruced up heroine, gone to civilization and returned to so unfortunately come across her former hill-dwelling family.

It's depressingly dumb and comes across as nothing more than a cheesy made-for-TV movie.

The fact that Wes Craven made it makes me wonder why the man is considered to be a great director, when much of his output has been on this level.

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